domingo, 28 de febrero de 2016

"Since they didn´t know it was impossible, they did it"

Dear Dr. Van Grieken,

We are the "AMPA" of a small bilingual school located in Aranjuez called Vicente Aleixandre. During the present school year we have suffered the dramatic elimination of 25p, and will suffer the same situation next year if you don´t avoid it, allowing us to offer our 50p. We adress this public letter to you because of the absolute imposibility of being received by your "Director de Área Territorial Madrid Sur", even though we have been trying for several months. We kindly ask for your comprehension and authority, in order to let us offer our 50p.

As a Professor in an international University, holding a PhD in Chemistry and accumulating in your CV a large list of international publications, you do know about the importance of English language. We assume, since it is the natural evolution in a scientific career, that you have worked abroad and participated in internacional conferences. You will thus be familiar with a classical topic and problem of our citizens: the bad image we do give abroad when we try to speak English, and the long time it takes to learn it properly.
Our Community is doing an increasing effort in order to eliminate such a problem in future generations. In our bilingual school we have a good support for English, with excellent teachers (we invite you to make sure the truthfulness of our words). Our kids receive at least 3 hours per week of this language since they are 3 years old, raising afterwards, and giving a guarantee to get them used to English language sound and so a proper pronunciation. We have seen your increasing investment in schools in this subject, made public by our Community gazette. We think that, due to our own merits and the important investment that has already been made in our School, we do deserve to be listened to, also for this reason (we have many other arguments, but we believe you do not requiere to be bored to such level). We appeal to your compentence to recognize our merits and let us offer our 50p, so the School is not condemned to disapperance in future years, throwing away the amaizing work that has already been done.

Thank you in advance for listening to us. With our kindest regards,

The "AMPA" of the public school Vicente Aleixandre, Aranjuez

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